Panda Windows and Doors


The work we create lives at the intersection of clarity and surprise and positions brands in culture through shared values and ideals.


The New brand and eCommerce platform combine the humanity of wellness with the cutting edge of today’s interior and exterior luxury door design. The brand was rejuvenated through a new design language, friendly and approachable content, and an updated identity that is distinctly Panda windows and doors.

To improve the customer experience, we designed various shopping utilities and reworked the navigation framework based on data-driven decisions. Additionally, we brought together Coworkers education, product information, and brand inspiration to balance Panda’s history in wellness with the needs of today’s audience.


Panda windows and Doors is a door manufacturing company dedicated to create the most elegant, minimally obtrusive, and precision-engineered windows and doors that will enhance the projects beauty and add value to it.

As part of its evolution, Panda aimed to rebrand itself through a Digital transformation. The client challenged us to craft a new digital platform that brought forward the brand’s unique qualities while also providing an industry-leading quote and shopping experience.




The creation of content that captures the attention of users and the degree of consumer recognition of a product.



Deliver digital content that facilitate users decision process.



A potential customer makes a desired action based on their research of your product or services.



Monitor and analyze your communications with the lead regularly, post purchase experience and loyalty loop.

Analyze Product and Services

Conducting Market Analysis and a thorough assessment of the products and services provided by Panda Windows and Doors. This process helped us have a better understanding of the volume and value of the market, potential customer segments, and their buying patterns, the competition, barriers to entry, and industry regulations.

Creation of Tools and Funnels

Creation of Tools and Funnels: Creating the tools and a lead nurturing sequence or journey by which customers move from awareness to purchase and post purchase follow-ups or retention.

Material Optimization and Unification

We created accounts, landing sites, call to actions for the digital campaign and objectives.

Launch, Results and Repeat

Analysis and continues studies, to make live decisions at the right time during the campaing. Repeating this process helped us produce a positive impact on the campaign based on its behavior.

Carefuly crafted components and ADS ready to take on the door manufacturing industry.