For A Better World!

At Vertikal we believe that companies that can do more, should. That’s why we focus on the future of humanity and our planet.

In May 2020 Tropical Storm Amanda shook the tranquility of El Salvador and directly affected more than 7,000 people, who had to be evacuated.

In difficult times, we know that the greatest strength is solidarity, which is why Vertikal Company donated more than 100 packages of food for families affected by this natural phenomenon.

Contributing our grain of sand to reconstruction and hope for a better future for El Salvador.

On October 1st 2019 we celebrated the children’s day, as Vertikal Company we visited the School of Special Education of Mejicanos once again.

We organize a celebration full of the Vertikal spirit: Cheerful, surprising and empathetic. During the hours that we share with the students and teachers of the institution we share food, hugs, games and above all the wisdom of the children and adolescents of the institution, who taught us the value of a true smile as a result of an act of love.

Every year we actively get involved and develop recreational activities with special children from a national educational centers.

In 2015 (When our company name was SedCall) we were allowed to visit for the first time the School of Special Education of Mejicanos. Where as a team we carry out a variety of activities that benefit the emotional health of students and teachers of the institution.